1. In addition to a new kit pre-order being up, we’ve put up our latest Purist bottle: We’re happy to hydrate you.


  2. We’re happy to let you know that we’re opening up a second pre-order for our 2014 Team Awesome Kit by Capo! The order will close on July 31st, expected delivery mid-September. We’re also psyched to offer a Skin-suit for all you CX peeps who want to fly the flag of Staying Awesome, not some sponsor.

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  3. A weekend in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a weekend well spent. Hope you had some Awesome rides this weekend!


  4. That’s pretty fantastic! Can’t wait!


    Big thank you to #somerville for the huge bike rack outside of the shop! Just in time for our get together tomorrow night! #unionsquare #bikeshop


  5. If you’re in the Somerville/Cambridge/Boston area we’d love to see you at our Awesome party we’re having next Wednesday, July 16th from 7-9 pm. Our friends at Somervelo have been Awesome enough to host for us. Come by, support a great new shop, drink some beers and have an Awesome time!


  6. Is your Awesomeness searing your eyes in the mirror?

    Beverage a little warm?

    Tool box still have some open space for Awesome new stickers?

    Seems like your top tube could use an Awesome vinyl decal instead of one of those silly customized name plates (unless you’re that fast).

    Grab the Team Awesome Party Pack and all of your Awesome dreams can come true. Limited colors in the vinyl so grab them quick!





    2015 FOX 36: Lars Sternberg Getting His Braap On!

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  8. Way cool. Love the mixing of bike styles


    Fun For Everyone

    With a mix of cross bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes and BMX, it was a battle royale amongst the different disciplines with every sector of the course favouring the different choices and skill sets.

    With thanks to our sponsors who stepped up and helped us create another round of this unique race series: Red Bull, Kinesis UK, Charge, Dark Star Brew Co, Enve, Castelli, Shimano, Felt, Lezyne, Lazer and Smith Optics.


  9. Coming soon to a Fun Pack near you (updated after this weekend)…we’ll have our massively re-vamped fun packs and a bunch more stuff available at the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) Festival this weekend! Only 4 more days!

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  10. Gloomy Friday in the Northeast, but don’t forget to Stay Awesome! Grab the second picture and set it as your lock screen!

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  11. Strike-offs from Capo Cycling are approved…get ready for some seriously Awesome kits

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  12. grimpeurbrosspecialtycoffee:

    #TGIF #coffeedoping: #YauponValley SO from Ethiopia. So good. Check it out @ GrimpeurBros.com. #rideyourbike #drinkgreatcoffee #stayawesome #grimpeur #specialtycoffee #cycling #coffee


  13. Awesome Socks are…Awesome. Grab yourself a pair now in our store! Sock Guy Merino blend, so maybe your feet will smell a little less.


  14. Brethren 



    First warm day today and Point Break was on yesterday? Must mean its time to break out that Camelstache kit #camelstache

    “Pappas. Angelo Pappas.” “Punk. Quarterback Punk.”

  15. Killer weather in NE lately, hope you’re all out catching some air!