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  2. Great recap! Psyched to ride those trails again…might have to make a trip back again this summer!


    A nice summary of the racing last weekend. Kudos to Team Rider Wilis Johnson on winning his first ever MTB race! Killing it!


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  6. Rigs ready for SSAP this weekend with the kick ass dudes at Dark Horse Cycles. See you there!

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  7. Word. Ride Bikes, Have Fun, Stay Awesome


    Ride. That’s it. That’s all. Just ride.


  8. mrwhites:

    The editing of this is captivating. Very very cool (even for a promo piece!)


  9. @juggernautb1tch grabbed a new bottle, get yours yet?


  10. Very nice clip from Cadence, really captures the point of riding.

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  12. Countdown to SSAP…5 days! See everyone there! 

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  13. It’s all Awesome to us!



    Tom Eibling’s cycling illustrations giving a taste of the many different flavours that cyclists come in. They were created for the Seattle Bike Expo which happened earlier this year.

    What kind of cyclist are you?


  14. What they said…


    Senior Shred!

    AMAZING, simply amazing…but I’m still not buying a Mongoose. To see more of Chris Akrigg click HERE.


  15. Hope everyone had an Awesome weekend for riding! The Sun was out and the layers are starting to come off!

    Don’t forget to pre-order your Awesome gear!